Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lest We Forget

52 years ago, the whole world bored witness to the event that buried Manchester United, supposedly forever from the arena of world football. We were at the top. The Busby Babes haven't even reached their full potential. Yet the flair they exerted when plying their trade on the pitch has made centuries after them wondered what would have they been should they survive the tragedy in the bitterly snowy winter in Munich.

8 players from the main squad never did see the lights of day ever again. Matt Busby, the legendary manager who was responsible for the development of the Busby Babes and most importantly, the man responsible for rebuilding the team post the Busby Babes from the ashes of Munich, and few others survived.

Indeed we struggled to replicate the form that put fear into our opponents' eyes. But we are Manchester fuckin' United. 4 years later we were the European champions.

The whole fucken' point here is we should remember just who we are. Just why the hell does everybody hate us so bitterly. Just why the hell our downfall would be such a cause for celebration. Loads of great players come and go just to write in their autobiographies few years down the road, how leaving Manchester United was the one of the few regrets they had in football and/or how leaving Manchester United was the biggest mistake they ever made in their entire footballing career.

Hence if Rooney does leave, it is indeed a very sad day for me, for the team I hold so dear. But no players, NO FUCKEN' PLAYERS will ever be bigger than the club. Period.

So pack your bags and this shall be where we part.

Lest we forget..

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