Friday, October 01, 2010

LOL'd Strike Three.
Nota Kaki: Based on a very true & tragic story

A fella I know from way back when I was working my ass off as a promoter in Tesco once attempted English manners & etiquette, apparently one of the first few attempts he ever managed to pull. So here's how it went down in the pantheons of history.

Location: Packed manned counter and he was the cashier. There were four people behind the counter.

Fella: Can I pass away ? *politely gesturing his hands for us to make way for him*

Me: Pass away ? *still lembap-ly trying to digest the something-wrong with the phrase*

The other 2 fellas: Yes please. Please do. *innocent face*

The 2 fellas were some of the most fucked up assholes I know walking on the face of earth. Dried face with a drier sense of horror humor.


Anonymous said...

i lol-ed reading this

Raizzèn said...


Can u imagine being there and seeing it live ? lol.

Those a-holes' expression were PRICELESS!