Sunday, December 05, 2010

..of Windows, In-Laws & Wives.

Forgive me XP-tan I know I've been bad. Please take me back. =(

I officially hate Windows 7 by now. It practically blocks out any attempts it deem 'delinquency' therefore leaving me feeling I have no control over my PC. Its the feeling you husbands felt when your lovely mother in laws dip their hands in every family pies that were supposed to be you and and your wife's for the telling.

Yeah, it exerts that kind of feeling.

Now I miss the good ol' XP who is stuck with a polygamous husband but one who never complains. Instead she serves her husband obediently - with a smile. Never resisting, never talking back.

Pardon the all too appropriate analogy. And please don't mistake it for male-chauvinism, I love women.

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