Tuesday, January 04, 2011

27.Well, Literally.
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gambar hiasan =)

Well, as always. I'm always the last one to come and say Hello and by the time I realize its really time to go in with a bang - its almost always, too late. But I guess not this time, not too late I guess. Wishing 2011 a safe journey on her fourth day. :P

Hi 2011.

And gosh. The number grows as rapid as the line on my waist, everyday. And I finally, painstakingly arrived. Wait. Arrived ? But where you might ask. (oh well lets just pretend that you did ask even though both you and me know - nobody gives 2 flying fucks, right ? :P)

Well. I wanna get married. Well thank God I'm normal. Have always felt that I'm not there yet. Just not there yet. Always a little short - materially and mentally. But now the feeling's there. Distant though it might be, but deep in the far corner of my heart. There reside these feelings of wanting to settle down. Have a family and someone to really look after and of course being looked after.

OK I should really stop before I age before my time. Starting to sound like a lonely old man now.

Huffin' & puffin' - chiow.


ShiE J. said...

nice 'gambar hiasan', btw..


aPish said...

Aku suke entry NIH...huhuhu

aPish said...
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Raizzèn said...

haha thanx for the comments guys. Entry kan apit, enrty. Bukan gambar hiasan.