Monday, January 17, 2011

Manchester United: 10-Man Heroics!

Superb, commanding performance from our new capitane. Nemanja Vidic. What a rock he's been for us. 10 men after Rafael has been quite unfairly dismissed for an accidental nudge. But our response, the Never-Say-Die attitude that has been the hallmark of United for years. Not a sight to behold since I was a sanity away from jumping off my seat every time the ball floats around our 3-yard box, but what brave performance.

As I've been saying the current team is not superb, world-class superstars they aren't - but a fighter, every single one of them. And that I find very, very hard not to endear.

United. For life.

Results: United 0 Spurs 0, White Hart Lane. Couldn't ask for more. More so with less a man.

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