Saturday, February 12, 2011

Acid Test.

Didn't feel like blogging. But I thought it proper to have a word or 2 before the game kicks off at 8.45 Malaysian time. So that I'd have the bragging right of telling you - 'I said so!'. That I-Said-So expression is, erm.

But what the hell do I say anyways ? I'm just anxious of what could be. And I'm afraid that my weekend will be ruined again (read: Molineux. last week. fuck).

I think if we win the scorers will be among Berbatov or Chicarito. Although that's more like wishful thinking if you were gonna start to analyst the probability using probablity calculator. And heck I don't even know what I've just said, just typing along and popping up whatever that comes to mind now.

Just the extend of how nervous and anxious I am about this Manchester derby.

The game is so important for us, not less to even City's title chase, top 4 chase whatever because how this game results will reflect on how we pick ourselevs from such demoralising defeat against Wolves in Sheepish clothes. And how we pick ourselves up against the backfrop of such defeat will distinguish Champions from losers. It starts off now. The making of Champions or breaking of losers.

I hope the lads are in the mood to crush those Stockport bitter twats and hand their asses to them on a platter.

So bring on Citeh!

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