Friday, April 08, 2011

Attempt On Academic Writing. Pt I

And God, when you have a Blogger-type brain, this type of writing has done killing a couple hundreds of thousands of my brain cells today. And it was nobody's fault but mine. I have been blessed with TWO second chances. Hell who else besides me in the world is granted with more than one second chances. But I did. Somehow the lecturer, luckily has some soft spot for me. And WHO ELSE in the world is so messed up (but me) to take those second chances and almost blow it again out of proportion. Yes that's me. A semester's worth of writing compacted within a day. TODAY. To be exact. Sayang. Feel like I could have written so much more. But oh well, you get a day's worth of writing. Padan muka.

So here goes. And before it goes on killing spurrreeeee on your brain cells too, I advise you not to read the following 740-nothing words composition. A pathetic excuse for an academic writing if you ask me. (and of course, nobody's asking you).

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