Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Morning Ramblings - Should-I-Post-This-? Post.

The whole 6-1 results was rather blown out of proportion. The 6-1 scoreline doesn't actually reflect Ciddeh's terrifying-ness nor United's fall from grace. We attacked and attacked despite being a man down - and 3-1 down. If one could only be so positive and willing to pause whatever negative emotions that were flowing through his veins, one would have noticed it. But yes, it actually took me almost 24 hours to come into perspective - I have taken longer than this to accept that we actually lost to our rivals - one week - one case in point being the humiliating 4-1 defeat to Our Most Hated Rival™ - Liverstool. So despite the 6-1 scoreline, Ciddeh doesn't actually bother me as much as, say Our Most Hated Rival™ winning 4-1. That scared me. And it won't be anytime soon the Liverstool would ever achieve that kind of perks again, if any.

Its disappointing of course, but nothing we couldn't handle. Cleverley has been instrumental pulling the strings in the middle of the field for us. Anderson and Fletcher, despite how much I love 'em just don't cut it.

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