Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So Long Fatty Tho I Know It Was That Fateful Accident You Blame Everyday But Its NO ONE's Fault But YOURS Fatty!

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If this isn't inspirational enough, then I dunno what is

Today's the FIRST day of my Projek Kur- well you know what, fuck all these naming conventions. Whenever ever my mind goes into hyperdrive and overdosing on mental masturbations, I come up with all sorts of names, all of whom were pretty much doomed to oblivion because of all these pre-planning which involves another, much bigger planning - which, If I'm honest here, at the end of the day amounted and dissipated into the abyss nothingness.

So to cut the crap short because I'm in dire need of my daily dosage of Futurama to cater my addiction and because my old hip insists on reminding me its age every chance it got. And not to fucken mention I hate typing with a laptop because my PC decided to ditch me in search of a better loving partner and I quote (my PC) - "I'm looking for a new adventure.."

Well good for you. Oh shit, I digress, its all the laptop's fault for reminding me how such a bitch her goddamned keyboard is with every 3 words I typed.

So yeah after long fucken overdue and sleepless nights I've embarked on a journey of NO fucken return in search of a land where Fakhrol is tall, languid and slim taf gila, tapi tak macam Awie!

40 minutes this morning. Another hour lepas Maghrib tadi. So long fatty! So if no else is proud of me, fuck yeah am proud of myself!

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