Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last night's entry was a bleep. Hopefully nobody have read that. Hopefully.

So I tried to run this morning. Was targeting 20 minutes and fuck the kilometers involved. But at the 14-15th minutes the stinging pain, the very pain that made me stop running a year or two back came back again. Damn it is painful. Why is the pain not so noticeable when I was running around 7 to 8 kilometers in Putrajaya, and why does it always struck whenever I run in Puchong ?

Was it possibly caused by the track ? Yeah, Puchong's track I'm not really sure you could actually call it a track to be honest. I grumble whenever I see vehicles moving about the park, yeah again if it could be a park when its actually just the remnants of what's left of the park. The park is actually a carpark for vehicles whom the owners consisted of fishing junkies and lovebirds, not to mention its official statues as parking spots for surrounding neighborhood's residents.

But I digress, was the pain caused by the tracks, or was it because that I have company in Putrajaya, thus making the pain less obvious ? (you just have to hand it to human's psychological makeup. Takmau kena tinggal and feeling like a loser, your legs kept running even though they hurt like hell)

I gained 10 kilograms ever since the accident in 2011. Prior to that I could look like *** and it still wouldn't bother me that much because I know once I hit that treadmill, I'll revert to my old looks again. But this time around, OH MY GOD, I've tried almost everything (aside from jaga makan ofkos) - and when I say everything - I mean the variations of workouts. But they still don't really work. I'm aware of the fact that I'm 30 has possibly contributed, but I didn't know it was gonna be this hard.

I'm a runner and not being able to run makes me sad. And knowing that your legs look healthy but in reality, the insides are not. It kills me.

So the purpose of this entry is to remind me of what I am gonna say to the doctor. I am sick and tired of doctors finding out there's nothing wrong with my legs by looking at the X-Ray. Its time they do some thorough checking. Lucky me I have a sugar daddy named Prudential to pay all my treatments for me!



iNsOmNiAc said...

I can so relate to that sadness of not being able to run like before. Running is so liberating like when u run so fast and imagine u leave ur hateful self behind. Even for a few seconds gap before ur splitting selves unite once again, u'd feel free, not burden by ur worries, fears...
Btw Raizzen, sorry I didn't say goodbye to u but yeah I'll keep reading ur blog like always :) Cheers, mate!

Raizzèn said...

Aw. Where have you gone to now ? Never even said 'Hello'. But its OK you have my digits. When you come back as I know you will - buzz me up. Tell me about your adventures :)