Tuesday, January 13, 2015


For the past couple of days I'm filled with pent up energy, explainable anger. The littlest of things could send me flipping. Someone didn't put the wiper up back on my Kancil. I feel like turning the house upside down. The pissy stray cats peed on my sandal and on my bike's seat (albeit suspectedly) I feel like tearing all the furs from its skin and peel it alive.

The problem with me is I dunno what was the cause. 

I'm mad at everyone and everything and even I wasn't spared. I am pissed at myself at so many things that I didn't lost count. I lost me at I dunno where.

That was until I chanced upon an article at a Manchester United blog.

Now it all comes to me. In heavy blocks and icebergs. When it doesn't, its forty-deserts-drought but when it rains it fuckin' pours.

Now I fuckin' know why I am so angry. Fuckin' United.

What the fuck is Van Gaal doing losing a game we're supposed to win and not to mention is there for the taking. Fucking stop with the experiments already. I want fucking results.

God I should really hire a shrink so that I may scream at their faces and bite their heads off.

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