Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thank You 2014

You know I didn't plan on writing this post. This new year-y post. I'm not a big fan of these 'azam baru' themed writings and sayings. For me, the passing of one year to the next is just some more additions to the numbers that I will be filling at the 'age' column in some BR1M form or whatever. Just formalities. But whatever.

But then I got up this morning and the first article I read mentions Steven Gerrard's slip: A fucking fail (well, I might have added a few superlatives here and there, but you get the drift).

After a so-so personal year and my Duly Beloved crashing out of the Premier League contention as early as the start of 2014. Top that up with Liverfuckingpools fans constantly reminding us of our failures. And to watch them gloat day in day out, understandably so, after years and years of mid table mediocrity. Not to fucking mention the elephant in the room, the pitiful fact that they HAVE NEVER fucking won the Premier League. I got up and thank God for Stevie G, the slipper.

2014 may have been plain, bordering on bad. But that slip alone. Enough to put a broad smile on my face. What makes the slip so special is the fact this dumb cunt had made a glorious Lord of The Rings kind of speech prior to the slip, thinking that he's running away with the title. So to celebrate the end of a good year.

Here's the transcript of the speech:

"This does not fucking slip now. This does not fucking slip now. Listen. Listen. This is gone. We go Norwich exactly the same. We go again. Come on!!!!"

Then he slipped.

And the rest is, as the say history.

To look at those cheering Liverpool fans. Taunting celebrations as if they had won it. Ha ha. What a joy to behold, the dumbfounded, befuddled feces, I mean faces.

If 2014 was a girl, she's a thick glassed 5.5 or a 6 at best. But when you take away the glass, she suddenly is the talk of the town. A girl next door who you never knew existed is making you hide behind the counter, scared shitless to go talk to her and making a fool out of yourself.

Yep, 2014 was a plain year. But when you put that slip alone. 2014 has been a wonderful wonderful year.

So to commemorate what has been a wonderful year. Here are some of the best reactions from the internet in regards of the almighty slip.

 photo BmPm27oIAAAloNJ_zpsf4a3063b.jpg

 photo BmPENiqCUAEyZYC_zps20bfa22c.jpg
Gerrard's heat map. Whoever came up with this is just plain genius.

 photo BmQf6uQCUAAwrVF_zps4011e75f.jpg

 photo article-0-1D6AEABF00000578-632_634x781_zps26665ce7.jpg
Another very good one.

 photo BmRMlL-IEAAohPw_zps5e226946.jpg

 photo BnXhbNvIMAArIfv_zps857f565a.jpg
HAHAHAH. Come Ryan. Cut the boy some slacks.

 photo BnXiItrCQAA50sZ_zps8a987efc.jpg

 photo DownloadedFile-1_zps15fe9937.jpeg

 photo meme4_2961653k_zps0173a1ad.jpg

 photo Steven-Gerrard-Meme-Featured--637x350_zps73726e8f.png

 photo article-0-1D6A951000000578-172_634x529_zps879f0a09.jpg
And to end on a high note
2014. Wow.

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