Sunday, February 22, 2015

Babi I Ke Babi II

The first step is always the hardest.

The first step is acceptance.

The second is to embrace its facts.

What facts ?

The fact that United is so fucking piss poor and that Van Gaal is so stubbornly stupid or the fact that I have actually foreseen the better tactic from one touted as one of the biggest man in football planet ?

Yeah, its not that I did not try acceptance. But to accept is to relive the moments that could have gone to a very different conclusion if not for his fucking stupidity.

And that is why running away is always the best form of moving on for me.

For I am a vengeful mothereffer. It is really hard for me to just let go of my pent up anger while looking at the agitator in the eye.

A thousand Babi wouldn't relieve me from the strangulation of this anger. Maybe if I could vomit a thousand "Wei Babi I told you so!". Maybe that would do the trick. For now lets just avoid public areas i.e: Facebook and ESPN forums.

Oh the joy to be a United fan.

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