Friday, May 02, 2008

Politik Melayu.

Politik Melayu.. Politik Melayu.. When will these fuckers wake up and smell some good coffee. And you wonder why BN was doing so wonderfully well in the polling stations last March 8. Its leading party, the UMNO has lost its stint and yet, I still find it miraculous that they haven't wake up from their nice slumber. Politik Melayu is irrelevant Goddamnit ! Its so yesterday, history, fullstop !

Yes, it was a relevant and celebrated cause back in the Tunku-days, yes it was relevant in the pre-Independence day, yes it WAS. No denying it. And whoever is trying to minisculize it should be hanged to public contempt. But thats that. Yet, in those days, I mean a little after the tragic events of May 69', you start to see these Indians singing Malay songs, Alleycat for instance, Chinese acting in Malay movies et ceteras. Weird. That was when Politik Melayu was relevant and the Malays were so fond of UMNO, but now its weird when that sentiment is slowly wearing off, by right, the non-Malays should have come closer to us and ?

The total opposite.

Shocking ? Tell me that the night is dark, instead. We should have graduated from this racial barriers long ago, but why, why are we still at the old notch ? Or getting worse even ? Why ? Coz these UMNO punks and their henchmen have been unnecessarily spinning and fuming the same old fucking stupid manifestos, right when they feel that they are no more needed. Its just a simple psychological maneuver, one that you control people by instilling fear in their hearts. Genius, yea right. I bought that.

UMNO is history, its just so sad that the predecessors cant even come close to having the charisma of its founding fathers. Sad.

Racial politic is plain stupid - Islam will do.

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