Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aina Mardiah Shahrial - Al Fatihah

pix - courtesy of Rockybru.

Aina Mardiah Shahrial was just 17 when she left to meet her Creator. Am pretty sure many of us didn't get the chance to know her let alone had the chance to love her. But when a child had to pass away without any chance of her seeing her father, now that part touches a piece of your heart.

But wait, thats not all there is to it, the father is an ISA detainee - En. Shahrial Sirin. I shall elaborate on ISA later, but now lets concentrate about this crime against humanity. Not exaggerating if I say a sin.

As taken from Rockybru's Blog

"In the afternoon of July 2, about 3 pm, she was admitted into Kajang Hospital. The girl was fighting for her life. The family immediately informed authorities at Kamunting, where her father had been detained for the last 7 years.

Somehow, Shahrial was only told of her daughter's illness at 10.30 am the next day, July 3. Aina's mother made a personal appeal to the authorities at Kamunting to let her daughter be with the dad for the last time. The doctors said Aina had only a few hours of life left, God-willing.

The authorities at Kamunting said they could not release Shahrial. They had to get your signature on the release papers. Yes, YB, your precious signature.

Aina's father was finally released at 5pm. It was the longest four-hour journey to Kuala Lumpur.

Shahrial got to her daughter's side at 9.45 pm. He was too late. Aina had passed away at 6.20pm without seeing her father. " - Rockybru

He was denied the right to see her daughter, what ? Because he's an ISA detainee ? I pray that the sky crumbles upon your bald head and the ground shakes beneath your feet for your sin against this detainee, who you and your gang have happily imprisoned.

Do you have a daughter ? Imagine, having to slide down the mud of her grave and having to bury her. Breaking in tears and having to part goodbyes though you really don't want to. Imagine having to walk away from the dark cemetery and leaving your daughter who you have, for years, cared for and pampered with. Syed Hamid, imagine.

What was his fault to be deserving such injustice and cruelty ? Coz he's an ISA detainee, a political prisoner to be exact. Hes not even proven guilty. Put behind bars for 7 friggin years and NO TRIAL. No hope, no whatever.

And moreover, God this is sad, WHAT WAS HER FAULT ? WHAT WAS HER FAULT GODDAMNIT ?! Answer this when you stand behind your Maker, the Utmost Exhalted and The Mightiest of All. Answer this.

.. and my deepest condolences for the grieving family, and you know you're not alone in this hard time. The whole Malaysia is raging.

My special thanks went to the Government of Malaysia and Mr. Syed Hamid specifically.

/sad - gravely.

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