Saturday, July 19, 2008

Malaysians Led By Idiots.

"Existing DNA sample too old"
says the PM, nonchalantly, when asked about Anwar's refusal to give his DNA, on the same note check out some of these comments by some of the intellectual individuals that I manage to garner:

1. DNA Carmotograph is computer graphically recorded. Graph do not lie ! - Wisdom above

2. Also there is no such thing as a very "OLD" DNA sample from 10 years back, tell me, have you ever heard of this before? ----------------->

[/contd.] No doubt a science fiction, but Mr Cricton obviously knew more about Genetics, DNA and Cloning than you and your joker buddies. - KARMANNGHIA

3. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Our PM is so stupid! How can the blueprint of our genes change over time? Unless you are mutating! Holy cow, where did this AAB learn his science from? And what the heck was he thinking when he said .... just give the sample and ask for it (DNA test) to be conducted there and then. (Tell them) do it now, I want to see. ? This is not blood type sampling lah, uncle! There and then. Wow! - fireduck

I like the last comment best, Dear PM, the basis of our genes, dont change over time Goddamnit ! Unless you're gonna turn into some X-Men nincompoop just like one of your ex-minister, the not so valuable, Semi Value. If that one, yes, he deformed from one shape to another on occasions, which, should God permid, I shall elaborate later.

For now, lets just enjoy the fact of what good leaders we have to guide our children towards the rocky path of the Future.

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