Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Wonder Why..

..the people have failed so triumphantly, to notice a simple yet pretty much mind-boggling fact, that this 50 years old government has managed to burden the life of its citizen for decades. And whats funny, under the citizens' noses with the citizens' consent - self explanatory under the premise of - citizens voted them into the office.

The "simple yet pretty much mind-boggling fact" I say, is the simple fact that, the price of goods will definitely, significantly be increased RIGHT AFTER the election. I have observed the obvious pattern so long as my analytical and critical side of the brain develops to be aware of the impact from such issues. Having seen my parents sighing on our dinner table since ever before that, back when I was still but a small brat.

Well its logical for the manufacturers and tradesmen to share the increased cost with the consumers by channeling the cost directly to the end-product. Higher costs, spiraling from the hikes of petrol price, electricity and water tariffs have left the parties few choices aside from increasing the price - barring a few sly, advantage taking manufacturers and tradesmen.

Well people might say that the Malays are so used of being pampered and is now throwing the toys out of their pram, having to face the Reality punch. Me being a Malay and getting out of the Malays' usual way by asking questions, but I digress, the question is why AFTER THE ELECTION ? Well it doesn't stop there, NO. But the commencement of the whole price hike showdown will kick off RIGHT AFTER the election.

My take is that because so much money was wasted in the electoral campaigns, the needs arise for the government to recoup the lost and by doing so through imposing the surcharges to the citizens. And whats even more despicable, by justifying all this through legal means and official mainstream medias, which they remotely control in the first place. What a bunch of thieves disguised by the malicious smile of politicians.

Mismanagement ? Now thats an understatement.

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