Saturday, July 05, 2008

Strange Days, Strange Days Indeed.

Am so fuckin' pissed that I dunno, what to write about. Basically, there are no more good or trustworthy things to watch on TV. Main piss stream medias serve nothing but as the deceitful tongue of arrogant leaders. Citizens are expected to shut up and threaten of should they grow more balls to voice out their grievance. Lies, deceit, power abuse, scandals, conspiracies ran rampant in the face of what remains of what used to be an Economic Tiger of South East Asia.

Stupefying the Malays has worked since the despicable era of the Brits, where the sons of the farmers and fishermen are to inherit their parents' job. This works just well with the Brits because the Malays are the Son of the Soil (bumiputra) of Tanah Melayu, thus by stupefying them, the Brits can well go on with the pillage of Tanah Melayu's resources, unhalted. A move who would've thought would, after decades, be used against the Malays again, shockingly even, BY THE MALAYS.

The Pussy Minister screams of "Do not Challenge Me !" when pushed against the wall - to sound downright defensive, which has won him loads of DISScredits and oh, lack of respect. Not to mention, none at all parallel of what a well educated person would say, let alone a leader. Dumbfuck.

The Deputy Pussy Minister on the other hand, slick, sick, ambitious - yet evil smothered with some scents of Idiocy, however. Running scared coz his pink underwear was about to fall off, just to sound cocky again, the next day, when this certain Catastrophe (Bala) made a total U-turn from a People's Champion to an oversexed Pussy. A Hero never he was, a Zero nonetheless.

And what is it with us ? A 60 year old man who has just underwent his spinal surgery, sodomizing a healthy 23 year old Idiot, with a well built frame (but obviously not the brain) ? Against the Idiot's will ? What the fuck ? Are you fuckin' stupid ? Bodoh punya Melayu.

The Pussy Minister is a Once In A Lifetime failure - U don't find this kind of idiotically brave Saya-Pantang-Dicabar leader in 2 lifetimes. Period.

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