Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lack of LeaderShip, Thus A Sinking Ship

Muzakarah between AMNO and PAS ? No, don't make me puke. AMNO could've asked for Muzakarah or whatever EVEN BEFORE the election, if they're goddamn fuckin' serious about the Muslims and the Malays' grievances whatsoever. Why now ? Nothing but an SOS signal from a sinking ship. Ship full of shitheads and fuckers. So why bother helping them out ?

And you, my fellow PR member PAS, have you forgotten what kind of pain they have inflicted you these 50 hellish years ? The Memali case, the lies they spun about you, the humilliation and the deceits. So why bother even flirting on the issue of even talking to them. These people are liars. Biggest of the sort. These will cause restlessness to your grassroots and your fellow Pakatan members.

For God's sake distance yourselves from all these talks about talks whatsoever under whatever circumstances.

And people know all about the despicable tactics from all these Main-Pisstreams media and their exaggeration about it, people knew. BUT you really gotta make it very very clear that this is not gonna happen or whatever. Heed your Mursyidul Am's call and abondon the whole idea.

AMNO is a sinking ship, all thanks to a very commendable captain and his vice. They're gonna take you down with them (should any political milages be achieved). Let them sink even further. Farthest to the abyss of Oblivion, down to the folds of History.

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