Sunday, December 28, 2008

Modern People, Same Old Ancient Fears. Stupid Fucks.

Now, now, fearing something over lack of understanding of the matter is understandable. But what tickles me funny is being arrogantly stupid, while having your butts unearthed from the serenity of its crack(s). Or simply put, a I'm-Glad-I'm-Born-An-Idiot syndrome carrier. And warning lads, THIS, might just be contagious. Just make sure you don't hang out with the wrong crowd.

These fuckers per se, have a VERY common trait. A trait that allows them to luxuriously think that they're the gift of the gab, who God's has descended upon us monkey descendants, err, IF you're a firm believer of Darwin's stupid theories, that is. And am not. Yea, fuck you.

But seriously, with so many from the likes of you who roam the face of the earth, stupidly not to mention, am more than glad am born. Coz you make me shine brighter than I already am. And this reminds of a joke. No racist pun intended. But if you're gonna be stupid and choose to be mad, then, by all means, go ahead and be offended. Yeah, I care.

The joke:

"What if you throw all the black people to the sky ?"

"The sky'll go dark"

"What you do to make it bright back ?"

"You ask them to smile"

Wargh kargh kargh. Stupid asshole(s).

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