Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Israel: 1000 Palestinians. Yes, This Is Islamic Terrorism.


Israel sons of fuckin bitches declared a ceasefire.

Hell yea, how much was that again ? I thought am just gonna buy all the lies yet again. Heh. See, if the whole wide world has got a good opinion about this. Fuck them. Am neither "the left or the right wing - am the middle finger".

Oh the good and the benevolent people of Israel has granted the barbaric and the man-gobbling Palestinians a ceasefire. OMG, see how the Jews are actually nice people ?

So tell me the good people of Israel, you can take this chance and wipe Hamas all the way to oblivion for good this time, why not you just penetrate further North and wipe them off the map to your heart's content ? Dont worry, the world'd approve this. Shit, even some, if not most, of Palestinians' supposedly Muslim brothers too wouldn't mind. I mean you know Hamas is like a plague, if you don't cut them off to their roots, they just keep coming back. So yea, why not ? It boggles me mind just to explain your reasoning of ceasing your fire. Please, please explain to my shallow being for I couldn't understand the complex logic of your behavior.

Or of course, you cease your fire when you couldn't stand being in the middle of the fire itself. OR did you just meet Horror up the lonely alleys in Gazaa ? You know you can always proclaim victory while enjoying the luxury of the towering skies, bombarding the innocent civilians and what have you. But the real test to your testis is when you make your cameo on our grounds. Thats when you know how lovely is the taste of your own blood. Too heavy a price eh Mr. Old-nerd ? I heard that you lost quite a few commandos, I repeat, COMMANDOS to the spookiness of Gazaa in just of few days of your ground assault's campaign. But of course this felt to deaf ears and went on unreported in the main piss streams' medias. Well, Hamas' heroism is something that the mind of the world's not programmed to recognize. Kinda like us not knowing how maroon is actually not red, were we not told of its existence.

Hamas has vowed to fight, however. Dirty, dimwitted Hamas eh ? Heh.

I just couldnt see how some stupid fucks partly blamed Hamas of Israel's invasion. I mean firstly, you fuckers seem to forget that there was no Israel prior 1942. And by some geniuscydal hands of the Brits, Israel managed to successfully, illegally, form its filthy self. Their hands were bloody of so many Muslims' lives. And their current leaders, and the world's, not to mention, instead of apologizing for the atrocities, pin and stomp the Palestinians to the ground. They were made criminals for trying to savour their homes, their pride and simply their lives.

Hamas' actions are not only avenging 60 something years of oppression. They didn't simply chose to shell Tel Aviv, the filthy scumbags Israel sealed off routes for the Gazaans to make a living. When Hamas reacted to this, Israel flexed its muscle just to remind the Palestinians whos the boss. Filthy fuckin asswipes.

And yet the world has the balls to call Hamas on their actions, pats Israel on its back and pacify it out of oh-so-big a tragedy. And with Israeli forces maintaining its presence on Gazaa's soil, Godspeed Hamas, crush them.

Until Victory or Martyrdom.
Until Victory or Martyrdom.

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