Monday, January 12, 2009

pwn3d & 0wn3d.


Chelsea's Scolari said in a defeated tone of gestures, "We hereby concede the title to the INevitable champions. Manchester United." He proceeded further to say that Chelsea were asswipes from the beginning. So we didnt expect anything less than conceding the title to rightful owners.

These are some of the exerts of the interview with Scolari after the crushing defeat. Please bear in mind that the author of this Blog does not and will not in any given circumstances be associated with the Bulu's, err I mean The Blues' opinions:

We remind our viewers that these are the thoughts and opinions of Scolari. And the author shall be under no circumstance be held responsible (though he is a responsible lad to note) for any events or stupid antics that shall occur henceforth and so on.

E-Ass-PN: Morning sir. Quite a battering to take for a reigning champions, u think sir ?
Scolari: Well.. if you see it from our point of view, I would say this is rather normal. We're losers. What do you expect from losers but to lose ? But we're not without pride. We take pride in a job well done. We're losers. And we are doing what we do best. Losing. A 3-0 loss is but a bonus.

E-Ass-PN: Very well sir. So what do you think of the fans' reactions after this crushing defeat. More so to the hands of bitter arch rival, Manchester United ?
Scolari: I think you momma's hot.

E-Ass-PN: Excuse me sir ?
Scolari: No dickhead, address me with Pops after my name. I might be your Papa.

E-Ass-PN: But my mom said she'd never date a bald headed idiot sir.
Scolari: Well go tell your momma that your birth certificate is a Letter of Apology from the bar I pick your momma up that night.

The latter events could be summed up as Tragic. And no words uttered will be sufficient to compensate the humilliation that parties involved will have to live with and bear in their conscience.

pwn3d. Wargh kargh kargh.

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