Thursday, January 15, 2009

United Nonsense, The Wishful Minions & The Endless Rhetorics.

The Star quoted:

"Never say die - Malaysia’s unrelenting effort to get the international community to condemn Israeli atrocities in Gaza is bearing fruit with the United Nations agreeing to hold a special emergency session today to discuss and come up with firm actions."

Condemn terminology, Google's web definition:
  • express strong disapproval of, disapprobation.
Now when we say 'unrelenting effort' and we so intellectually try to connect it with Condemnation.

Take a pause.... Now. Take a deep breath.

Is there something wrong with the statement or its just ME ? Unrelenting effort ? And I thought 'unrelenting effort' was supposed to be something like militarily engaging sons of fuckin bitches Israel. Or at least confronting these punks in negotiation chamber and whatnots.

And God, how dimwitted can we be to be overjoyed just by the fact that United Nonsense has granted us 'a discussion to come up with firm actions.'

Israel SOBs fired shots at UN staffs for God's sake. So do you think they will give 2 flying fucks about UN's condemnation ? And to hold discussions up your plushy meeting suites while making 'slim to none' progress. Hamas would make more significances on the ground - minus the rhetorics, in an hour in contrast to your 2 days of sleepy discussions up in UN's bunker somewhere.

We're barely a drop of water in an ocean, yet being luxurious enough to be deluded into thinking that we're marking our spot on the map.

My thoughts propelled. My guns smoking. My trail blazing. Fuck you.

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