Thursday, January 15, 2009

The White Wedding Gown.

Qaed and Hammas were destined soul mates. Their parents knew. All the neighborhood knew. 2 beautiful souls entwined in the face of collapsing Gazaa's rubble. How irony speaks its mind. The duo were seeming victims. A barter to settle years of a family feud between 2 well respected families in the community.

Infant arranged marriage, something that would require the West to traverse the end of its Eastern counterpart to grasp with its concept and beauty. But not here. Not when the end's well.

For a moment, they loathed each others' guts. Having to succumb to their parents' wishes, without having even a say in it. For God's sake, they were 5 years old when the engagement took place.

Hammas opted for a school she less favored when she discovered that Qaed has enrolled for the institution. For a stint, they enjoyed the fact that their silent rebellion was seeming to bear fruits. And maybe if they're persistent enough, their parents will rethink through the whole matter. After all the feud had wore off, after a century and a half old arrangement.

But nature in its weird ways had deceived them by setting them into 2 different paths with but one end. They ended up sharing the same classmates, right after the dreaded discovery of them studying in the same college.

"You! Did you follow me here ? Cant hold yourself back no longer eh ? What on seeing a charming lad like me and all ?" Qaed said mockingly.

To a nonchalant reply from Hammas - "Oh I didn't know they reinvented the whole definition of charming to so big an asshole, he might even be talking from the butthole himself. No, wait. Was that you or your ass speaking ?"

To a burst of laughter from the class.

- To be continued.

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