Saturday, February 28, 2009

Businessman Pleads For Political Truce - Joke Who Jokes.

(Business Times Singapore) KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — A businessman has taken a full-page advertisement in a major daily newspaper asking warring political parties to call a truce and focus on the shaky economy and jobs.

Consultant Anas Zubedy shelled out more than RM36,000 for his advertisement yesterday in The Star, the country's biggest-selling English-language newspaper.

In the ad, he spoke of the challenges faced by his 20 staff, their fears for the future — and how the country's leaders seem oblivious to the anxiety that he feels is gripping the nation.

“Whether (the governing) Barisan Nasional or (opposition) Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leads is meaningless . . . if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table,” he wrote.

“Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and just let go. The nation can wait until the next general election if they want change.

“Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR lawmakers. You have proved your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general election if they want your party.”

Anas called on politicians from all sides to “get together and compromise”, telling them: “Someone has to give in. Take the nation to heart. That's why you are in politics in the first place. Focus on the people. Focus on the economy.”

The last time an individual placed a full-page newspaper ad about their political feelings was in 1998, when the late social scientist Tan Sri Dr Noordin Sopiee attacked former US Vice-President Al Gore for praising Malaysia's “Reformasi” movement at an international banquet hosted by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Reformasi movement supported Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who Dr Mahathir had just sacked as deputy premier. Noordin felt that it was rude of Gore to attack Dr Mahathir at a banquet attended by many foreign leaders.

In the ad, Anas may have articulated what many Malaysians, frustrated over the constant political bickering, really feel — that the government has been distracted from more important matters.

For instance, a second economic stimulus package, mooted by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in December last year, is only being tabled on March 10 this year.

Some observers say that Anas's message — and his willingness to pay more than RM36,000 to get it across — could galvanise mass support.

“He is echoing what many of us are thinking — that enough is enough, and that everyone needs to get down and get back to work,” activist and writer Marina Mahathir wrote in her blog on Wednesday.

But whether Anas will move politicians is anyone's guess.

My dear friend, this is not a war. The ruling parties are flexing their muscles and exerting their power on those who dare speak up. Your shallow observation and shortsightedness are living proofs that they're doing so. And well too. Look at how ill informed and ignorant you are.

Your call for the so called warring factions cant help but fall in the same boat with the rhetorical United Nonsense's (UN) piss making effort. Calling those involved in the Palestinians' crisis to make peace while failing so flamboyantly to disarm Israel. Do you expect Hamas to not protect its people ?

Ok, I digressed.

So do you expect PR to lay down their guns ? We are facing political mutilation on daily basis and you expect us to shut our mouths ? Aww c'mon. Seriously. BASIC COMMON SENSE 101.

And if you're ever so concerned about your staffs' well being, their challenges and uncertainties, you see, 36 Grands can do wonders in these desperate times, rather than a certainly-wouldn't-be-heeded ads on stupid rhetorical preaches.

Aren't you just funny ?

Thus, it would help, significantly if you just ponder on this fact - those who wield the power, at their disposal are an army of medias, armed forces and lapdogs ready to die at the part of their lips.

Now who are you kidding ?

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