Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Deadlock Post.

Am applying for a new job. Well its quite a renowned institution.

Am so hoping that I'll get this deal. I've reached the point here, where enough is just enough. Am given a task too many with all of them tagged - URGENT!!

So tell me how the hell do I prioritize ?

Sales reports on its monthly basis is as is busy as it is. Its a practice full of running high and low just to get the sales' figures of 150 (and still counting) something outlets tabulated - and oh, not to mention ACCURATELY, from a few different sources namely - The System & The People.

Good Lord, when you combine these forces and confront them on your own, the result is genocide. The system relies heavily on the availability of the network and albeit the human factor, so it still pretty much boggles down to the reliant of human perps. Plus the flaws that are seemingly forever make it even merrier.

And when it all seems lost.. Well, you're just gonna lose even more.

Relying on human - the so called retailers, to submit their sales figures to us so that we could charge them on Royalty basis and rentals. How luvly do you think that is ? Granted, there are a few good natured retailers who submit their sales figures on time and didn't twist and turn the figure here and there to their likings. How many of them do you think even exist in the world ? Well chances are as slim as Anne Roxias going on hunger strike.

So now sum it up to complete just a report. And multiply the life-draining efforts to a quadruple of times. What you get is an even more comprehensive weekly sales basis. Single handedly engineered by our new Senior General Manager (SGM). Lovely character, really. So now you do the same exact runs, only just 4 times the effort. INsignificant if you ask me. No am not lying, you bitch !

There you go. Now come the ownership of Point of Sales (POS) machine that I was entrusted with as the guardian. Some people, as loads of them hover over the corporate atmosphere, they would say that its just a matter of sending the retailers the form, get them to fill in all the blanks, deliver the system, bill them accordingly - and zoom your work is done. You score an A. Easy fucks.

If you would just take your time to notice, pause for a bit - Play all the actions again, backwards. What you get in betweens are -
  • Getting the retailers to reach me, which if ever a kucing is gonna have tanduk, maybe they would, or as has become the standard practice, I have to reach them over, rub their shoulders and hand them the forms.
  • Contact them should they fail to resubmit the thing.
  • Coordinate the placement of how many POS for how many tenants.
  • Knowing the exact geographical coordinate of their outlet's location - lest they would have an outlet on top of Mt. Everest and having problems connecting with KLIA's VLAN.
  • Coordination work and liaising with respective departments, who are yet to fall short on staff when the time requires them most.
  • The ever so tangled means of billing and;
  • a few hundred thousand over etcetras more.
Well that is all.

Then come the less twisted scopes, credit control dicks and pussies. The special SM and SGM's office culprits. And a few more that I might have forgotten to mention, which I am terribly sorry of but still fuck you any any ways. Those are the less twisted works, days when I emphasize on those job is the most luvly, so luvlyI could go back home as early as 8.oo PM. Nevermind that it's exceeded 3 hours after the real balik time. But who cares. Those who went back, and me - We are 2 sides of the same coin. We may work under the same roof but am sorry am not your ordinary Joe Breadwinner. Yea right.

So there goes my 2 millions, hence spare your 2 cents if you're planning on a donation spree. Am just tired.. Sometimes I feel like its pointless. They all are. Everyday is another cycle of struggles and pressures. Rarely that I complete one job in a day and move to another one. Instead I juggle everything simultaneously and continue them the next day. So instead of a job settled and another one in progress, its two jobs delayed - since EVERYTHING is urgent.

And the fact that our company has been denied staffs recruitment makes it even more frustrating and surely the light that was seemingly bright at the end of the tunnel, now are no more than a mere few light matches survival - on a pitch black night.

Its noteworthy to say that I do love my job. I love the people, SOME of the colleagues, the environment, the experiences, the chances and the faith that my superiors have given me despite a few of my hiatus(es). The company is nurtured with a good working culture, well the department at least. But its just the point in life, I like to think that everybody have at least one of this point. A point so burdening that motivation is often a distant of home away. Scarce.

Is this goodbye ?

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