Thursday, February 05, 2009

Send Which Prison (Sandwich Prison)

I would like to personally thank the 'Heavenly Divine' government of Malaysia for the wonderful blowj- err, jobs that you've done up in your office. Your relentless thrust to the bettering of your citizens from all walks and runs of lives. Day in and day out. Thank you.

Thanks for all your efforts too in making TM Nutsack the most powerful Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the nation which have done, suffice to say, loads of goods to the country and her people.

Again, in this Exalted Trans-Script, allow me to Trans-cend the luxury of gratitude to a government that I, and am sure am not alone in this, a government that we all hold dear, close to our hearts. And I have no more wonders why handful of Malaysians succumbed to heart attacks.

Last but not least, I thank you bastards, for sandwiching us between TM Nuts and its rival's rivalry only to force us to accept 'Speed at best effort' - and not what we pay for.

Normal Folk,
Obnixious Bastard

From The Temple of Cleaving Berserks.


TM bangsat, charged me for 100 Kbps speed and what did I ever do to deserve not more than 75% at BEST. 75% speed AT BEST speed craps from you ? And it normally runs on a mere below 50% speed. Shit even snails are commuting in Megabytes. Are we walking backwards ?

Jaring is good so far as I've tried. But hey guess what ? Jaring is a tad too far to cover its wired Flite Broadband within my vicinity. Therefore it only leaves me with either Stimix or Wireless Jaring which I havent been able to certify which is which. Responds from around the virtual community have been mixed, ranging from VERY VERY GOOD to WORSE THAN STIMIX. And here I thought Stimix is world's end. And obviously statistics like that wouldn't be able to assist much in my decision making.

Plus if I were to go like "Hey lets just find out.." - The "Hey lets just find out.." concept alone will cost me about Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred And A Graceful Seventy, for the start. So its not workable. What if I decide that this isnt it.

Sighs Sighs. Nice being sandwiched while chewing on dilemmas.

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