Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yet Another Fracture. The Sinner I Am.

I saw my mom schleeping so peacefully in my parents' bedroom. I just feel like slipping beside her and just hug her and just schleep away the night. I dunno, I get especially mushy, wanna be pampered and all - when am not well or sick. And I insist its the only time.

So yea, I was speaking to this friend of mine whos doing meds, about my again dislocated shoulder. Frankly I lost count on how many times this shoulder of mine has decided to rebel against me. At first I thought that its getting better, though I wonder why the hell does this time around its taking more time and I feel like my shoulder back muscles are all swell up.

I dunno, maybe its just me, but when she mentioned muscle swelling and numbness is the symptoms for fractures, now I do remember what it feels when my leg was fractured way back in two zero zero six. Gosh. Now that I do know, my arm did feel pretty heavy to lift, even just to wrap myself up with a shirt. Yea even that.

It kinda makes sense now. So how now - do I or do I not go to work tomorrow ? Been asking that myself to myself. Doubting. Coz after all a few numbnesses and swellings can be bored. And what with deluding myself that it was getting better. So I was thinking that maybe I'll just bear with the minor pains and just go to work.

But now, a FRACTURE ? ZOMG. No. Not office.

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