Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 4 A.M. Post.

The last thing I remembered was replying Sheri's SMS asking me where my father is. A little further down the road, when I all detached senses start to fall in place back again, the clock's face was punched somewhere around 4. Its in the AM. I guess I'll just check on my torrent downloads. And ah there was the heat-preserving mug that I've just bought, to cater my addiction for caffeine and my habit of leaving it for quite some time until it becomes cold enough for me just to pour it into the abyss of the kitchen's sink.

And thats just the most genius-cydal thing to do, given how the clock's face was bruised around 4. I mean here I am, all clear and feeling smarter than ever.

I guess I'll just share some of the recent captions (read:Hepi) from a trip that I was just back from - Penang, Food Heaven, since my relationship with Ms. Pillow has just prematurely ended.

Well that's when I come back.

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