Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bucket List. Revisited & Updated.
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Been thinking this to myself.

Sometimes I just wanna be wrapped in pitch darkness. Lost in thoughts. Far from everything and everyone so that I could fink (read: think). Well, in current context that's just too luxurious. Naiveté. Wishful thinking. Or call it what you may. But if that's the entry fee to the Utopia of beautiful dreams and fascinating wishes - Naive and wishful thinking it is.

So today I snatch the idea of the 'Pitch Darkness'. How, is another story that is of much lesser significance than the outcome. So fuck the hows.

There I was thinking to myself, as I always have, but was just too distracted with variations of daily bullshits and craps to actually visualize them. I therefore concluded loads and am only able to spill these few since there were too many conclusions, they became pointless. But hey..
  • Losing a few pounds of 'Horizontal height' that have rendered me schleepless due to the not so favorable outlook in recent pixels.
  • Tangkap these kind of pixels just for the fun of it:
The Ha-Ha Dance, as I call it.

Couldn't find a more appropriate pixels of this dance since I dunno whats its name - hence I had to draw it and at the same time disqualifying me to Google the fuck out of it. So apologize to yourselves for failing to inform me better. I've forgiven you on my part, however.


Been liking this kind of pix for as long as I can remember. The key criteria involves the subject(s), a bright bleu sky and well, I dunno.. good senses ? Fuck it. But yea. This is what I tried to do in Penang but with a puny resemblance in the outcome. (read: The Blog's header)

So lets. With a Blast !

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