Friday, March 13, 2009


Behind A Glass Expression - Thousand Broken Smiles.
Current Listen: The Times - Infra Merah.mp3
Nota Kaki: Makcik's my cuz. Manage to curi the pixels frm her FS.

Who would've thought. Kak Ina dubbed Minah Letupan by none other than The Geniusidally Wise One, Me, behind those squeaky smooth glass expressions, a thousand broken smiles. A secret she hold so dear intact for 6 years. And only known to the stars in the sky that blanket the darkest of nights. And 10s of pillows she wet in solitary.

Bearing the whole weight of the world on her shoulder so that she'd protect the faces that she cares about. To protect them from the unprejudiced debris of the painful affair. How, never would have I grasped.

I have a new found respect for the Makcik. 6 years of silent tears. I would've crumbled. She managed to finish her degree and excel in between. Seriously, what tenacity. She didnt present a single drop of tears when the dude decided to walk away. And he doesnt even know that she wriths in stabbing pain all the while for him. And the tears didnt hide away when she views the dude's FS or when she engages him online (he does Medic somewhere in foreign land). Even now.

I told her just how plenty strong she is and she should know that this isnt gonna last forever and cherish the present moments for she should be joyful that she's gonna come out of this even stronger. Granted that she survives the ordeal. And she will.

Gila ah Makcik, you're ways more twisted than I thought.

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