Saturday, April 18, 2009

And That's Why..
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Nota Kaki: Rose Dawson was Love. *smooch*

Now I remember why I so hate watching sad/tragic movies, coz believe it or not I am a person who got effected so much when something like Rose had to leave Jack down the cruel ocean or Ho Nam's girlfriend was shot dead by that damn evil villain Crow or something.

I just watched Titanic and God, Omaigod ! I got so bothered and its so fuckin awfully sad.

Its all Fly FM's fault for having reminded me of how magnificently crafted a movie Titanic was. "Am flying.. Jack !" Damn damn damn.

But I gotta say that rewatching the movie after some 13 years of its release just gave a sheerly refreshing and dreadfully tragic feeling all the same. Back when I was 12, or was it 13 ? Erm fuck it. So yea, back when I was 12, though I could appreciate the beauty of the movie, it was more or less one of the many Cerita Orang Putih that I've seen. And of course the center of the attraction was when the classic car's windshield suddenly turned all steamy (and then all of a sudden Rose's hand falls slowly and wiping the screen off the steam). Yea, that was back then. And oh the drawing part. Even better.

Yea but that was back then. Now that I could understand the language a little better. The subtle messages a little better. Gone through somewhat identical pain altogether. The beauty of the movie has somewhat transcended the shine of light.

Lined up in the pantheons of epic.

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