Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Coroner's Note - Death of Inspiration.
Time of Death: N/A
Current Listen: The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.mp3

Listening to the current song and I just remembered something of substantial depression. Lately, everything and anything will somehow come to me at the light speed of stress. Be it work, life and the people involved. Words wouldn't begin to justify the intensity of the pressure. Yet that sheer intensity has only rendered me somehow - void. Empty.

Its Ironic, really.

Everything is done and required in a rushing manner. Yet the further the track runs, the more clueless I am of where am going. Have had days where I practically dragged my feet to go to work. Whats more bothering is the fact that the cycle of this confusion has only grown more constant in recent times. Where it used to be once or twice a month - now is once or twice a week.

I've forgotten where I started and what did I start these sprints for.

Dying for Inspiration - even a tiny flicker.

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