Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama's Annual Speech - The Missing Verses.

Goddamnit 2009 is rolling down her curtain and here I am. Still clueless. About pretty much erm, - every effing thing. Yeah, fuck me. No seriously, I was so religiously optimistic about going to a certain direction - yet that direction eluded me at a stage I thought I was so sure - "This is it!"

But no sire, you're not that special. You're practically like anybody else - sprinting as fast as we could to a certain (yes, certain-ly delusional finish that we wet our pants thinking that it exist) touchline. But again, there was Destiny with the "I-Just-Benchpressed-The-Whole-World" smiley face in the corner. Taunting.

"Ha-Ha I eluded you dumarse again !", she said.

Thus, if its so destined that I shall be the casualty of these vicious cycles so then be it. Lets just keep setting goals and pillage what we can from Life since it's taken far too many from Eye to be bear. Let us revisit 2009 and learn our impending lessons from a total of 12 semesters and 365 classes.

Well, at least until am rajin again..

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