Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dalam Itu Saya Hati, Bunga Juga Ada.
Nota Kaki: Hati saya berbunga dia kedai mamak. Figures.

Her name's Sue. Sue apa, OMG. I forgot again. She's probably gonna snap if I ask her again. So lets just leave it at that and find that out myself later. My buddy thinks she isn't all that attractive but I dunno I simply find her cute and that she triggers the built-in ball busting cocky asshole in me. Just the way she converse and carries herself. So we went out for a drink and I was having a laughter of a time bursting her bubbles.

In the rush of the overflowing pleasantry streams, I suggested an ad-hoc midnite, of which she was pretty much agreeable, only for me to hold back and deliver the - You know what ? Nevermind. Nice. Lets-take-it-slow innuendo accordingly and timely defined. I know, I know. I'm just that whatchamacallit ? - Yes, Genius.

"Dalam itu saya hati, bunga juga ada."

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benz said...

good luck raizzen! :D