Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Girls' Rambling.

This post will definitely jeopardize my sanity. And whatever shreds that remain academic in it will be reduced to school girls rambling - where everything from a mosquito bite to a crushed pencil point equals the world's catastrophe. Am so pissed at every little thing and happenings - not to mention the people within as far as my sanity allows.

From a bunch of stupid female students who drove like they were mistakenly awarded a P instead of an L in their oh-so wasteful hours of driving course - to a never trusting p____.

And as am typing this, Blogspot nonchalantly says "Hey, why don't we jump into the fray too ?" - by refusing to allow the 'enter' key on my keyboard to function. You stupid morons. I'm already way too happy with the way Blogspot is or was. Why do you feel inclined to, as you believe - IMPROVE it ? When in truth you're just fucking it up for your own devious desire known only to yourself. What it gets you off seeing how this dis-functionality affects the people's everyday lives ? Fuckin stupid Imbeciles.

God am so pissed that I refuse to let this feeling go. Its true when they say that anger is addictive. Ok, I'll see you guys in a bit.

What ? You thought I was gonna spill the mental beans did you ? Well, good. Coz I wasn't gonna. I just let you had the biggest mental masturbation of the day. And do write in if you feel that I owe you an apology or something. I'm wetting my pants wondering how does it feel to get a lawsuit filed for wasting 5 minutes of some tiny spots of the earth's huge ass population.

It made my school girl bad day.


Anonymous said...

why are u always angry?

Raizzèn said...

Maybe its because am always myself.

Anonymous said...

hahaha fakrul fakrul..