Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Decisions Under Risk.

Just got back from a study group lah sangat session with the dudes in class. Among the highlights were Effectiveness and Efficiency of a manager. Kaoru Ishikawa's Quality Circles. Maruiah, the Islamic concept of Management where everything is to be done within the legal boundaries of the Syariah Laws.

Its more of a mentoring session rather than study group orientation, the way I need to anchor the discussions and construct logical arguments of whys and hows of certain alien concepts or so. Its not that I don't prefer such orientation but with the 'big day's footsteps fast approaching. The inevitable knocks are virtually a mere distraction away from haunting my ass off.

But I love those guys and from the bottom of my heart I do hope they make it, as much as I hope to. I guess it doesn't hurt helping them out where I can at least think I am good at and lets hope everything goes well.

I'm making decision with a risk in mind. Another one of the too many Management lexicons whereby the decisions are made with minimal information and forecast about the outcome. There are four known conditions to be making decisions under by the way. They are Certainty, Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity.

Oh well, risks are proof enough for you to feel alive. So lets feel good about it. Haven't felt this good for a long time now.So let us relish this moment and oh, time for a bowl of - The Toilet. No, not midnite snacks you junkie freaks.

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