Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Baskin-Robbins Hangover & Fuck No, I Forgot.

Woke up this morning feeling rather enthusiastic. I can't seem to recall much about yesterday. Well, I mean right after I've smothered myself in between a sandwich of pillows - what else is there to remember ?

The pening was Urghhh. Its like a hangover minus the alcohol. Baskin-Robbins did the job pretty damn fine as far as you're not concerned. 3 regular scoops plus caramel topping made it feel like questioning the legitimacy of having rice paddy fields all over the country when it should have just been BR booths throughout. And it wasn't Tamak as coined by Kak Na - rather the sexcitement. No seriously, I insist. I mean with all the flavors available you only got to pick 2 for waffle coned sundae. Hence I went for the scoops instead. Of which I pretty much, erm regret ? Hrmm. That needs some pondering later. Or maybe, guilty pleasure - first, about the fact that I was having a hard time finishing the fast melting treat. Second, about my workout project management. Dang its so hard to keep up to the good words you commit to yourself in the solitary of the night when in the presence of walking currency(ies) and an impulse spender, not to mention, her employment of Bottomless Pit to serve her tummy department.

And that was practically our third meal for the day. And it wasn't the biggest.

It was all due to the innocent 'Hey before you go back to Kelantan lets go to this Assam Pedam place I know which offers one of the best Assam Pedas I've stumbled upon by far' SMS to my cousin who's doing her meds thinggy at Kelantan and was complaining how hard it is to staff her Bottomless Pit considering her unfortunate unfortunate geographical attachment. Must've cursed the day her mentor's dart chose to pierce that side of the topography. Ha ha.

And if my 'Topple My Horizontal Peaks' Conquest were to fail, looks like I'm left with the only option - Darts through her ass. Well, literally.


iNsOmNiAc said...

really? u can get this by eating ice cream? whoa... ;)

Raizzèn said...

lol. But we were seriously feeling 'afloat' you know. Laughing our asses off. And were seriously convinced then, there MUST be something dalam itu ais krim.