Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Read This. No Seriously.

Just got back from Futsal game with my not so peers. Well peers of a classmate, rather. And Gosh, am so !#@#$%^& - I was practically dragging the team. Damnit damnit damnit. I hate to be ignored to oblivion. But I hate to be paid attention for the wrong reasons too.

Well, not gonna make excuse for myself rather, the excuse made themselves for me. So I was so out of form due to leaving the, MY beloved sport for quite some times and I've grown so horizontally intriguing that a mere mediocrity looked out of this world at the backdrop of my Shabby not so in Singh (read: My Team) performance.

Well I'm not gonna kid myself, I wasn't that much of a Superstar whom groupies would like to get an autograph just to wrap their breasts around with. But a few sparks of brilliance do get their cameos from time to time. But that was it. But this, I can't take this. I can't handle NOT being in the center of attention. Well don't bother pardoning my Narcissism. I'm only gonna apologize that mine is so huge, I thought the Universe revolves within the seams of my pants and that I thought Leftie was the earth and Righty was the Sun when they were just balls, albeit golden ones.

Dear God, please please please let me have my old form. Please let me remember with every gestures of movement and guide me to a step closer to the reminiscent.

Thank You.

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