Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Have A Dream
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I would really really really love to watch a United game within the Old Trafford sacred ground among the Reds faithfuls. And to see the likes of Berbatov doing his magics. Despite all the cynical mockeries that have come his way.

One writer even went as far as to put it:

"When it clicks, his languid style makes it look like he's pulling the strings effortlessly, but when it doesn't he looks more like an expensive mistake that doesn't care - a misfiring £30 million weapon."

..of which I find to be really agitating and uncalled for. Its really hard to swallow your team's loss - especially when you've won it 3 times in a row.

What's even worse is that you know, everybody does, that the team needs some tweakings here and there and all the CEO does is keep insisting that the manager has all the funds he needs to spend on whichever player that he likes. The Gaffer on the contrary, kept on insisting that he needs only one or two players to complement the whole salad dressing. That was the same exact, not to mention, worrying tone we heard on the start of the newly completed season. And here we are, knocked out of the Champions League - albeit with a little bit of unluckiness, and subsequently AND more importantly - The Premier League.

The players have indeed done us proud. With so many dismissing our ability to remain in the top tier of the competition - let alone retaining the League (due to the summer departures of 2 of our biggest names and the limited resources - plus the 'only natural' reluctance to spend) We send so many of the ready-made dumbfucks packing to the wrong end of shame. But then again you know that the team exudes of so many potentials - yet live up only to a countable few - due to off field matters that are way way beyond their hands.

Its maddeningly saddening.

Like how a genius kid who came from a poor family who have got all the futures ahead of him, who could at least, unlucky as he is, afford to get a decent job and support his family by completing his SPM - yet had to settle for jobs at the mere age of sixteen.

Comparing a football club's and the poor kid's fate might be a little off and selfish. But when you've been growing up watching the likes of King Cantona strutting his chest gracing the Stretford End. I bet you still wouldn't know how important United is to me.

Look, I've taken you for another ride - again. And the only one guilty is your choice to read on.

So yeah, like the kid, us United fans will have to keep our heads high and strut our chests come what may. Being poor, a lot like football club ownership policy is not an option. Its given. May be a gift even. There's practically everything we could do and yet nothing would ever budge. Hence what we do is we trust and we keep our faiths - then we fight on.

And trust me when I say there's nothing entertainment in everything United. Its personal.


iNsOmNiAc said...

a Man U die-hard, eh? :)
can't help but to wonder what would be ur jersey number... hmmm?

Raizzèn said...

Mine would be 7. And not because of Christina Ronaldo. Rather because its the King's sacred number.

Lets drink drink drink to Eric The King !