Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The I Am So Malas Nak Mampus But Still Feel Inclined To Post This Post

I gave an Ice Breaker speech today. Toastmaster's platform. I thought what I spat was quite good. Content wise. The idea is there though I know much much better things could be said. Stage fright mental block sure is costly. I know all the principles, the pauses and structures to make my speech engraving marks. But the stage fright stage fright.

I wanna do it again and again and again. I know am destined for big things to come and I couldn't wait. I hate waiting. I wanna conquer the stage and enchant the hearts.

What I really want is not the ability to deliver confident speech rather the longing for social validation. Like I am trying to fill the void, my very innate longing for recognition. I have heard and I have found it to be true to certain extend that this is an indirect indication of lack of love or attention while growing up.

So there goes, a very rough entry because am so malas to flowerize my words and sentences. And fuck it.

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