Friday, June 18, 2010

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Parts and parcels of being a Genius is having no equals to deliberate your audible thoughts, reason being, with chief suspect - a different wavelength. A very different one that separates you apart from the common masses.

Thus I can't help but feel so lonely at times. Not having anyone to really to talk to. Or worse, having one or two who'd retort back as soon as I part my lips sharing my tales, my grievance, my dreams.

Judgementalizing the whole process.

And when I say talk to, it means that I am friendless psycho who sits in solitary corners while people socializes themselves. And if you'd believe that I would advise you to lay some clothes on the floor so as not to burden ones who would wipe your shit off the floor once you've successfully hung yourself by the ceiling fan.

I digressed, but am tired of etiquette and all those goody goody advices for as far as I am concerned - "No good deeds goes unpunished."

Don't start telling me those, I invented them. And I've seen how some real twisted ideologies and gravity defying methods do wonders and taking me where I am (and am not yet finished). For nothing, yes am staking a huge bet here, NOTHING in this world is what it seems. You don't get what you wish for by being nice. And guys please, compliments wont be taking you any closer to her damned pants. And as far as cliches go, the jerks are the ones commandeering the higher floors of corporate ladders. Yet you wonder why all you see is shit coming from the top when assholes are calling the shots.

There, you have it. So save you rhetorics for you've seen nothing I have witnessed.

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