Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Short-Lived F-788dx Love Story

I just bought a Scientific calculator that I couldn't use. And its just the start of the sem. No, this is not bad omen. Is what am telling to myself. But seriously, being the Imperfect Perfectionist that I am, am I seriously sighing my ass off.

I was so eager to review the chapters so that I may feel at least comfortable once the speedy explanations start to hit. Mind you, us part timers don't have the luxury to take it slow since the lecturers have only about 5 physical meetings to finish all the chapters that take around 130 days for normal students to finish up.

So you could imagine the speed of their lips hitting each other to cover around 2-4 topics per class. And I advise you to stop short at imagining that, because if you were to visualize the rapidness of the wrinkles that form on top of our heads - you'd die dehydrated.

How in the darkest alley of twisted logic that you'd get the following:

14 x 6 = 114.

And I have actually began to think that was the answer till the note book decided to lend me a few slaps of reality. Lucky me it was an exercise where the answers were given.

And to makes matters Meredith-Grey lovely, I'm almost sure that the receipt is already on its way to oblivion. Knowing dear Mater, crumpling pieces of anonymous paper would always find their way through the unforgiving garbage cans.

Hence I can proudly proclaim that I've just stepped into charity mode by donating my hard-earned RM 40 ++ to the smarmy smirking faces of No-This-Isn't-Capitalist Tesco.

What a bitch. Canon bodoh. F-788dx babi.


b3n_z said...

calculator? what paper laa.. mat/qmt/acc/maf/eco?

Raizzèn said...

MAT __ :P

Tapi sangat hangin. Mcm biba la kalkulator tu.

benz said...

boleh tau code ape? hehe..kot la boleh menolong..uitm kan?
calculator pun byk cetak rompak skg.:p

Raizzèn said...

Laa kat tajuk pos tu syg. Canon F-788dx

benz said...

bukan.. Mat tu..code ape? masuk faculty mane ek? :p

Raizzèn said...

Kod segan la nak kasi tau.

/me penuh kemaluan

benz said...

hahaha! motip segan? ekeke.. if lps ni ada ape x phm ke, send le msg kt fb ek.. kotla boleh menolong. hehehe...