Friday, July 09, 2010

The ROFL Post.

Haha. This is weird. To think that I'd say this. I miss Zahir while he isn't around. And its not like we spend most of our time eating ice creams together while staring into each others' eyes so brotherly & lovingly. We shut our doors and dwell into our own businesses once we got back from our killing routines everyday.

But now that the little guy isn't here, off to some Masjid camp with his classmates. I feel a little lonely. See, he's been talking about the camp thinggy for the past few days according to my mom when I phoned her just now and I DIDN'T KNOW. Just to demonstrate how close we are in our daily dealings. And Mak also told me that that lazy bum even get up early to WASH HIS OWN CLOTHES.

OK, the above is purposely left blank to give ways to my 'rolling on the floor laughing' moment. And I'll leave it to your sick creativity to visualize the graphic content.

The lazy bum barely washed his berak properly. And he get up early to wash, rinse and dry his clothes. We should really conduct a Kenduri Pulut Kuning. lol.

*rolling on the floor laughing again*

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