Monday, September 20, 2010

Still Basking In In The Glories.

It felt good. Feels like a mother bird who's finally sent off her nestlings to the vastness of air. It is still so. I have loved the Genius from the day he put on United shirt. Never have I doubted the air of nonchalant brilliance circling about the man. It was just a matter of time.

And now he's done it. Goals that helped United down their utmost hated rivals in our sacred ground. Not to fuckin' mention, a hatrick at that. Words failed me. Emotions have long overcame the gulf of my mind.

Thank you Berba. For long has Stretford End awaits for its King. Ever since 7he Emperor parted company with us. And you, thank you for showing us a glimpse of the majesties.

Us humans, we crave to be led. And I think we have found a Leader - In Berbatov we trust !

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly glad to find this. Good job!