Friday, November 26, 2010

The Bimbo Post

Ergh why do you have to look so cute and adorable when I've decided to hate you ?


Anonymous said...

hate is hate. no tolerance. cute and adorable? u sure u know what hate is? lol

Raizzèn said...

Yeah, odd right ? Hate is not a thing u decide on a whim. You don't consciously pick someone to hate.

Maybe I don't actually hate her, just trying to rid her of the mind.

Anonymous said...

yes u can consciously pick someone to hate. it is when u decide. u admit in the post u DECIDED so u hated her then.

and may be its true u dont hate her but just trying to get rid of her. hee

whatever it is, remember!!!! love trumps hate! cheers! ^_^

Raizzèn said...

Hate is an emotional trigger and emotion is something that comes from within and it doesn't have any On/Off switch. Hence even if I pick someone to hate and say it out loud that I hate her doesn't necessarily mean that I do.

So I have to differ on when the 'consciously pick someone to hate and therefore you hate them' statement.

It is especially correct when it comes to the matters of the erm (ok this is corny as hell) - Love.

When it comes to that, there's no fine line really that governs Love or Hate.

Well my 2 cents. And thanx for the comments.