Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Adik.

This is a third time re-entry for this. For I keep dabbling on the backspace for each stuff I typed. For I think none is good enough for her. For her, I would want the sunniest metaphor to depict the brightness she wrapped us around with. She has always been the most frail amongst us. But she too has always been the bravest. Though I know for years, only the nights have had the privilege to be drizzled by her tears.

She has probed into some of the most less humane territories we chose to avoid and proving critics time and again that obstacles are made of some holographic projection of our brain cells to keep us safe, sheltered in the comfort of our norm. She braved them all and came not unscathed. But somehow stronger each time.

For her I would want to weave each and every syllable of a beautiful poem so that I could patch her patchy backdrop of painful early years.

For her I would trade blows and exchange knuckles if you ever were to choose to stand in her path. I couldn't help but be emotional in this entry for I know now how painful it is to be watching her writhing in stinging pain all over her fragile being.

And I finally realize just where she's placed in my heart.

Happy Birthday Norazyan Binti Ahmad.

I love you much. So much.

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