Wednesday, December 01, 2010

4-0 Demolition.

Babi. If you were gonna lose, why THE scoreline ? What THAT scoreline ? What the fuck. I cannot bear to read the quick analysis because it would end up sounding like anal-is-this. Whose ? Ours. Seriously what the fuck I held back to look at the results expecting to see some youngsters on the score sheet and ended up being sick to my stomach looking at the whore shit.

Now I don\t even have the appetite to reply my superoprs' email. And I leave the miospell all uncorrected so that I'd get a clerarr picture of my feelings whdn it finally sibdisde. subside.\\

No fuyck you, you.


Anonymous said...

sangat emosi.

Raizzèn said...

Yeah. Its MU.