Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deluded, Disgraceful Arsenal Fans.

I'm sorry. I'm just sorry but I just gotta go out on a limb here. But the rants of 'fluke goal', 'paid referee' and that 'United isn't very good' don't win you games you fucker. People have been talking about how weak and supposedly exposed United is all season long. But we're still unbeaten in the League. And you motherfuckers are just limp on your dick for not being able to crush the apparently 'isn't very good' United team then.

The 'isn't very good' remark is what gets me on my nerve so much. Fuck you bunch of deluded cockneys. And in the famous words of my friend -

'You aint Peter Pan and this aint Neverland'

Keep on massaging that ego while we fondle the trophies.

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