Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Panas Hati

Its 1.45 a.m. And am supposed to be fast asleep now. But am not. United is lucky. United is crap. IF Chelshit didn't have that mid season slump, IF Arsenal didn't this, IF Liverpool didn't have that owner bla bla bla bla. Point is you are basing your arguments on how many IFs were there ? And those are some pretty big IFs.

And guess what ? United had all the IFs in the world to feel sorry for ourselves but crux of the matter is that we lick our own wounds and march on. Whereas fragile and the ever young teams like Arsenal keep coming with list of injured players as ever loyal excuses on why is the trophy cabinet still empty after 6 years. Whereas Chelsea had that mid season slump bla bla bla, we won games regardless of the manner in which points were secured, regardless of primadonas-deprived this team is, they fight. They fight through gritted teeth and sheer fucking determination that will burn the likes of Spuds and L'Arse with mere proximity alone.

And that is the mark of Champions.

But of course you have to be there first to have those. But you haven't. So keep talking - and until the fat lady sings - why don't you sore losers sing in her stead ?

"We're United. We do what we want."

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